Amazon Book Review Guidelines (& Why Amazon Deletes Book Reviews!)

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When it comes to Amazon book review guidelines, it can be confusing. You may have questions like…

– How do Amazon reviews affect book sales?
– What makes a review “good” in Amazon’s eyes?
– Why does Amazon delete some book reviews?
– How can I make sure my Amazon book reviews stay?

The truth is that you must first understand Amazon’s book review rules before you can figure out why your book reviews are getting deleted. Knowing how you can prevent those reviews getting deleted is the first step to getting more reviews and in turn, more book sales.

We’ll break down exactly what Amazon looks for in book reviews and what you might actually be doing wrong to cause some to be deleted.





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Self Publishing School says:

What's your craziest story of book reviews getting deleted? 😅

cilesfineline says:

Thank you for this information. I found in trying to appeal to Amazon for removing a legit review was not as easy as I was led to believe in watching your video, however. One cannot just call them up. In fact it is only possible to get an audience on this issue if you have established an Amazon Author Central page with them. Still there is no phone number to talk to a living person about this. I appealed twice via email as my book is not an easy read and the review was solid and in depth. The two service reps I communicated with were obviously not invested in helping me. I just saw the review 'by chance' one morning when I pulled up my book page. The reader "got it", so to speak…so, I deemed it valuable enough to try and get it back. I did not know the reviewer and they obviously read the book. If I ever stumble on a review again, I will be swift to write it down. Though, now, I have an author profile page and all reviews 'should' be posted there. Though now I don't trust the algorithm mechanism Amazon employs nor do I hold hope with their appeal process.Thank you again for your help with this. Very informative.


Valuable information, thank you!

Elvi L.J. says:

If there are many readers in the launch team who want to leave reviews right after the launch – shall it be a big concern?

NofarEshel says:

What an awesome video! Thanks for this!

mothmos says:

this is partly the publisher's fault, since everyone's greedy and trying to get on top, a lot are doing black hat strategies or trying to game the market. Hence amazon is left with no choice. Imagine when no one started the solicitation of reviews thing. Everything will be fair and no product will have that obviously fake 500+ reviews. All reviews will be genuine, and few (since only .5% of amazon reviews are organic reviews). We won't be in this rat race of soliciting reviews. But because the system's now in place, one person started it, and so now we're left with no choice and amazon is left with no choice

Stefan Genov says:

Amazon Delete my Reviews. I don't know Why?

Nicky Verster says:

I had reviews disappear and sales that were never recorded on my list. Many readers that complimented me on my books and the sales were never recorded.

Stephen Dre says:

Said Ben Shapiro was a propagandist. All my reviews were deleted and account of 6 years and over 900 purchases threatened to be deleted. Totally shook like really?

Caio Costi says:

I'm a little bit confused with one part of this whole process. Should I just send a free PDF of my book for my Launch Team or do they have to buy it (even if its free) on Amazon? And in case i send the free PDF weeks earlier, is there any problem if my Launch Team leave the reviews on the launch day or should they wait 2 days? Thanks!

tacee larson says:

I love these videos! learning so much. 🙂

Joselyn Smith-Greene says:

This is so informative!

Dolar Mahmud says:

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Miss Sasha Deol says:

Are these tips still relevant for 2020? Does someone (like the top reviewers) have to purchase the book in order to write a review, or could you send them a free copy in exchange for an honest review?

Liberated Hamilton says:


Daniel Botero says:

Great advice!! What is the best number to reach amazon about missing reviews?

Patryna's Writings says:

Thanks a lot

Jeremy Sutton says:

Awesome content! Thanks for the information!

Darlene Massey says:

This is excellent advice. I am a web designer and have a link to the book on my website as well as the authors. Well, I am going to change that link right now. We had one review disappear. It might have been something to do with the reasons mentioned above.

MadMadGadgets says:

Excellent video 👍

MadMadGadgets says:

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MadMadGadgets says:

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MadMadGadgets says:

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