All My October Recommendations 📺 movies, 📖 books, 🎙️ podcasts and more!

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All My October Recommendations 📺 movies, 📖 books, podcasts and more!

I know you were waiting for this video!

Time Stamps :
0:00-0:25 Introduction
0:25- 2:50 Movies
2:50-5:53 Books
5:53-7:00 Courses
7:00-8:10 Podcasts
8:10-10:12 Songs
Books Recommended :

Anxious People :
The One Invisible Code :
50 Greatest Short Stories :
The Law of Success :

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Helly says:

Are you having a safe and joyful Puja? (Hello! I'm back!) As usual, I'm Replying to comments in first few hours! Which section was your favourite today?

anju dimpu says:

Where do you buy your HEADBANDS??

Saurav Bhattarai says:

Can you please make a video explaining the list of podcasts that you loved and we must listen to.. Or also you can simply reply to my comment mentioning the list or simply one or two names. Please

Simran Kaur says:

I just love the way u represent yourself and ur communication skills, like how u interact with ur audience.. its sooo amazing❤ would love to meet u. Plz do visit chandigarh someday.. I'll be happy to host you❤ you are an inspiration…loads of love 💌

Badri Patra says:

I love you🙂😇

Pk Gamers says:

50 great stories love ❤️🔥❤️

Anand More says:

I love you're recomadation videos
And other videos too!!

Musab Arab says:

Where to find the courses???

Juni Tressa Joseph says:

Feeling really happy when she mentioned about kumbalangi

Geetha Sri says:

Hey Helly! Thanks for your recommendations. I kind of feel off when I buy a book with enthusiasm and it turns out to be one with short stories and not actual novel. Once I start reading I love every story. But in the beginning, my mind asks for a long story with some serious plot. How to view short stories in other way??

romana cse says:

You are amazing ❤️❤️❤️ Take love from Bangladesh ❤️

sharvin Jangle says:

the japanese movie confessions is actually BADLA by tapsee panu and amitabh bachan

Sarthak Srivastav says:

Hey Helly, I really want to start reading but I have a very silly problem that what should I do with the book once I finished reading it. I don't want to pile books in my house. Also, I don't like reading e-books. Please suggest what do you guys do with the books when you complete reading them.

Karunesh Pandey Academy says:

Helly happy dhanteras , how r u

Rahul Chauhan says:

Plz provide the course links

Ashu Yadav says:

Good morning Helly,
Will you please send a link or website to download

Shivangni Shree says:

Hey have u moved to a new house?????????

Eba Eva says:

I am a Malayali…. .

Aswathy Rajan says:

Kumbalangi nights😍😍.. Proud to be a Malayalii

Souvick Jash says:

All speak ar beautiful,,, but speed ta ekti slow hola vlo hoi

sharon angel says:

Please make November plans

P B says:

Helly's water bottle 😂😂😂

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