Advanced Adult Fantasy Book Recommendations

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So you’re ready to play with the big guns? Aside from the obvious, here’s a couple more thicc ones to add to your list!






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Maddie Ballard says:

I kinda wanna know where you’d rank Throne of Glass and ACOTAR…

Joe Courtney says:

Awesome you reach past the mainstream books. Faithful and the fallen is possibly my favorite series.

Blair Perehinec says:

Sabriel. That should be your next film btw.

Masterful Manuscripts says:

I've just purchased The Ruin of Kings. Thanks for the recommendation!

Zuha Sajid says:

I need to read oathbreaker I need to read it… but it's so big

Cat Moon says:

I am going to add The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers on that list! Such a beautiful world and just a really good book about books! 🙂

Keri's Bookish Kingdom says:

Okay I watched all three levels of video and I want to know which category would you put The Poppy War series into? And the Cosmere books? Also, thank you for doing these! I read mostly YA even though I own some adult fantasy, because I’m always so intimidated and never know where to start!

Heather Burkey says:

I think you should narrate some fantasy audiobooks. I could listen to your voice, humor and witty character all day long!

Maya G says:

Do you have a good reads I could possibly stalk??? Lol this quarantine has got me very bored

thebookishmind says:

I’ve been really looking for more adult fantasy series to read. I love The Name of the Wind so much. I wish Rothfuss would finish it! Great video ❤️

ReadWriteZoe says:

Will definitely think about trying one of these at some stage!

Melissa Martin says:

I've read and loved all the books you mentioned. Well, not Lord Of The Rings, I actually liked the cartoon version they had when I was young – about 6 thousand years ago!! I will get them all read maybe. But ALL the other books I own and love 😉😘

Gurleen Kaur says:

Do you have any recommendations where the protagonist turns villainous as the story progresses ?

Dorothy Lover says:

Great advice and I love your personality since you have a nice draw with your excitement. As a composer of original music themes for book trailers about comics that are performed on the guitar, I like your review since you give good details that explains why you like stories. That helps write narratives for book trailers that promote a story and your excitement is inspiring to musicians like me who interpret stories and perform original music that complements stories and represents excitement for characters. Your presence is very captivating and informed.

Stars and Embers says:

Maps are a godsend in fantasy! I'm a sucker for a good fantasy map.

Meena K says:

Omg Piera I haven’t met a lot of people who ready Ruin of Kings! I am SO glad you read it!!! Geez I closed the book and just had to sit there for ten mins trying to process everything

Also Love your vids….back into the groove I see

Jamison D. says:

went to add each of these to my goodreads tbr and they were all already added – guess i've been listening to your recommendations for a while now just need to get around to actually reading them !!

Nicole Williams says:

I was hoping that NK Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy was going to show up in either Intermediate or Advanced! All three books won Hugo's and she's such an incredible fantasy writer. Also expected Brandon Sanderson to show up, either Mistborn in the Intermediate or Stormlight Archives in Advanced

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