Addicting Romance Series You Won't Want to Put Down!

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Patty White says:

I’m having a hard time finding out the actual names of the authors. Could we somehow put a listing on the screen or show the book the way it is sometimes when just the book cover is shown? I love your series. I’m listening to so many of them. Thank you for your information!

Coco H says:

I did not like paper princess. It was so middle school. Lol

Onwaeze Health says:


Da'ad says:

Yesss! someone finally recommended Thoughtless! Thank you. Though I also get why people hate it. Because it took me a couple of days after I FINISHED the first book to decide I don't actually HATE the crap out of it, but love the crap out of it instead. It's very aggravating.
Thanks for the recs! I got myself a few new books to start on.

ayyi ramadhini says:

have you ever heard Infidelity series by Aleatha Romig? it's so addicting. you should check it out. trust me! you wont put down the book until you finish the series.

Christine Heckman says:

Another good series that you will like is the Fool's Gold Series from Susan Mallory there's about 20 books in the series so far

bookshade says:

I am interested in paranormal, historical, and new adult romance genres. I am really into vampires and I also love reading interracial as well. What book recommendations would you suggest?

ashleyAndSprite says:

I NEED to get into these alien romances man I’m so intrigued🧐

M James says:

Oh, and the Riley "Jenson" Guardian series.

M James says:

Guild Hunter series, lords of the underworld series, the Argeneau series, Fever series, the Demonica series, of course the "Sookie" Stackhouse series, Night Huntress series, the Cole series is Immortals after Dark.

M James says:

"Kresley Cole" series, the Dark Hunters series, the Carpathians series, the Outlander series, oldies but goodies

Judith Sanchez says:

If that an erotic book because I saw one with aliens the words we’re dirty.

Jess Gignac says:

The crossfire series by Sylvia Day.
I'm in love with Gideon Cross

Annemarie Dunne says:

My favourite romance series is the beautiful bastard series by christian Lauren also the wild series is a spin off

Amina says:

Tell me why I as soon as you said “cheating” I KNEW it was thoughtless 💀

Rararae x says:

I love everything Jennifer l armentrout writes! 😍. Really looking forward to trying some of these recs!

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