A Mildly Inspiring Read for Beginners | That Thing About You by Abhaidev | Book Review & Talk

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blessedbuddy1 says:

A great little book that you should check out is "What To Do When The Wheels Come Off" It's funny, thought provoking and an easy read. (Short modern proverbs) It is not a novel but a short inspirational book that I think is an instant classic. It is still available on Amazon. Love your passion for reading.
Glad I found your channel.

Shubhangi Sharma says:

Love your voice it's soothing and calm and love all your book reviews with all the necessary information ❤️

Ajith A says:

Hi sankalpita,
Is it a fantasy work. Thanks for this information. Will pretty soon comment on this.
I have a suggestion you can read the adventures of Meluha by Satyajit Ray. It is also stories for children but helps to think more. Very good one for beginners. Please check this, I hope you would have read this….

Shital Parssana says:

Will soon to plan read …thanx

Prabal creations says:

Very Helpful video

Prabal creations says:

Fantastic review di

Takdeer Singh iqcQTTRHiD says:

Did Your intro got bigger or didn't I notice it earlier😅😅😅


Helpful video.I heard a lot about this bookstagramers. Thinking of reading it. Thanks for this review.

bookGeeks India says:

Hola bookGeeks, I am currently reading Satya Vyas's 84 (Chaurasi) and it's turning out to be such an amazing book. What are you guys reading currently? Comment down below!

amlan das says:

Very nice❤ Plz make a video on fantasy novel recommendations

5H5_Gayathri says:

I found this video so useful. Thanks for giving this suggestion

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