A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Sky Original Episode 1 Review

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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Sky Original Episode 1 Review
Are you ready to be transported back to Elizabethan England in the second series of the Sky Original drama, #ADiscoveryofWitches?

Matthew (Matthew Goode) and Diana (Teresa Palmer) travel back to Elizabethan London, where they are hiding in time from the Congregation. Here, they must find a powerful witch teacher to help Diana control her magic and search for Ashmole 782. Back in the present day, Diana’s beloved aunts, Sarah and Em, must take shelter at Sept-Tours. Meanwhile, in Oxford, Marcus and Miriam take on Matthew’s mantle to protect daemons Nathaniel and Sophie, whose pregnancy is advancing. And Gerbert, Knox, Satu and Domenico are determined to hunt down Diana and Matthew.

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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Sky Original Episode 1 Review

The Ruby Tuesday


Jill Roberts says:

Very excited! Finally available here in Canada!

Tabtacular says:

I love who they chose for Kit. I hope they keep the romance this season. I’m trying not to compare too much to the book. Also can’t wait for when we get to see Gallowglass!

Charina Simeon says:

Please do a spoiler review. I absolutely love those! First time to your channel and subscribing right now.

Paul Sundquist says:

thanks for this! Are you going to review individual episodes?
i would love to follow along spoiler reviews after i watch each episode.

kostas rompokas says:

I watched the whole season 2 in one day.

Brenda G.P. says:

Lol. Loved the cheese myself. Looking forward to your other reviews, almost no one does Discovery reviews.

Desilu M. says:

I spent the last wk rewatching season 1…and yes it was good to catch up.
I think the 1st episode was dragging a lil and I was saddened that we got only a bit of present day…but Its still worth the wait

Kamaile Nihipali says:

Definitely good commentary; excited that you got to view Episode 1 of Season 2

Phoboska511 says:

As much as I'm excited for new season and I don't want to sound harsh but I just can't get past this review without a comment. Maybe a bit more preparation would have helped. Firstly, you butchered the author's name, she is Deborah Harkness not Harkens. Secondly, all episodes will be available at once on demand on Sky, plus they will show them weekly in TV. It's not just UK who will get it on 8th of January, it will be available on HBONordic and HBOGo (Central and Eastern Europe) the same day as in UK. Thirdly, it's not a Book of Witches like you mentioned at the beginning of the video it's a Book of Life. Finally, wondering whether they will continue with 3rd season? Really? They are pretty much already wrapping up the filming of 3rd season. 2nd and 3rd season were announced the day the final episode of 1st season aired.
All this info could have been very easily researched.

Keeana Estrada says:

I’m so excited for phoebe and Marcus.

Melissa Ann says:

How did you get to watch it already? I thought it doesn't come out till the 9th?

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