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Let’s discuss EPISODE FIVE! What did you think? For me this episode was one of the weaker ones, mostly due to the disjointed dialogue, but I still enjoyed it! Let me know your thoughts below!

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The Summerland says:

I agree, the first three episodes felt so exciting and laden with chemistry and sexual tension….it's still lovely, but I miss that sexual tension..and hate seeing a poor fox killed :'(

NL H says:

Thank you for the review. I'm loving the show, especially the visuals, but there are some definite compromises being made in terms of character development of Diana and Mathew that seem strange given how much more time and effort is being made to flesh out the characters and motivations of the witches (esp Satu) and the daemons.

For me a big part of the book was how Diana's seeming weakness and vulnerability leads into her coming into her own strength and power whilst Mathew's seeming strength and ferocity develops into an awareness of his underlying vulnerability. Their relationship works in the book because of the balance between the two. The series seems to be in danger of turning this into yet another damsel in distress trope which, whilst beautiful to watch, would miss the basic point of the novels.

Kiki says:

I think you are being too picky ,i hope you watch the episode again and you will find the readon why some dialogues are the way it is ,you are too negative,if you keep going like that , then you will end up not enjoying the show ,and frankly ,i will find it difficult watching your video.

CCBCC Smith says:

So glad for this discussion series!!!! I’ve just finished reading the triology and I have so many thoughts/questions 😭😩. Any chance of you doing an overview of what you thought of each book, because my god I need to know what other people think too!

By the way love you for doing this, it’s keeping me sane 😂💕

A court of clockwork hallows says:

Firstly, I hope you feel better soon. Secondly, I think the reason they only had her hunt a fox with because in the book she only hunted I believe it was a fox rabbit and I deer. So they couldn’t very well have regular person.

sakurahan91 says:

The relationship has to be rushed as they only have 8 episodes in total to get through the whole book.

cyberlucy says:

I think what they were going for was the fact that he gave in and called her spoke volumes about how he really felt. I feel that she ended the call when he didn't say the words and still seemed like he was resisting. I think the writers also felt that it was expected that she would ask that question since that's what she asked when he left.

woo23ey says:

Agree with everything you’ve said. The only episode so far that I’ve only watched once 😏

Jennifer Mathis says:

I do agree about the dialogue feeling a bit, as you said, disjointed. As much as I loved hearing Matthew's numerous love confessions, his first I love you to Diana just felt…off. In the way it was said, in the way that scene was shot. It was just off to me.

june dowling says:

Maybe you just need to watch the episode again. If you were getting sick it may have influenced your review.

Bethany Jayne Pirie says:

I get what you mean about the Fox thing… After that I was just felt like Diana's reaction was just the same as anyone else's would have been, and I kind of wish we'd had the scene with her and Matthew hunting, just because that scene does seem slightly more brutal and you get the comparison of hunting styles and it just puts things into perspective? Then most of the firat half of the ep could have been cut. I liked that he didn't tell her he loved her over the phone, because I hated that in the book I just felt it wasted the moment :/ can't wait for the oubliette scenes though. I am ready for some trippy ghost shit 😉

Nirakia says:

This episode just didn't flow. Also, I watched 1-3 or 1-4 and then read the trilogy so now… it's REALLY hard to judge episode 5 purely as a tv show. But the episode really felt disjointed as you said. Choppy. (I've edited this comment 4 times now just to make sense. #Lord)

Lynn Burroughs says:

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!
You have been warned!
First I hope you feel better soon. Especially by Friday 😉 although looking at MG is a excellent tonic.
I have to say. Watching Matthew drive in the first few seconds, I keep mentally urging him to get in the right lane. Of course that would be the wrong lane but it is still the first reaction I have of the opening scene, ingrained American response perhaps.
I liked how they slipped the fact that Matthew is showing signs of mating and Miriam is recognizing them into the lab scene.
I agree with you mostly about the hunting scenes. Ysabeau tells Diana how hunting is relentless and brutal, then we see Matthew hunting Gillian. Yes he is relentless but then he taunts her by pointing out that she is jealous of Diana because of Diana’s successes and her failure to achieve the same. The flailing leg was funny. The problem for me wasn’t that Ysabeau was hunting a fox and not a human. It was that Matthew didn’t actually kill Gillian and he felt justified in attacking her. Yes he was brutal in his attack but she invaded his territory and he was protecting Diana, who we have already been shown he is more protective of than anyone else.
The covenant conversation with Diana’s aunts…I agree 100%. It should have come up.
I also loved the conversation between Hamish and Matthew. Lol at the “twisted idea of courtship” comment.
I agree with you on how he described Diana.
Lots of foreshadowing in this episode; of Diana giving Matthew her blood to save him, mating, giving Matthew children, blood rage, and an opening spell killing a witch.
Diana’s first words to Matthew on his return to Sept-tours didn’t really work in this way but I loved the rest.
I think they should have included Ysabeau’s slap.
I think Satu going against Knox by going to Dominico has more to do with Diana’s power than not wanting to be Knox’s puppet. She has said she is interested in Diana since their first meeting and I think she believes Knox won’t let her discover the complete truth. Correctly I believe.
Loved the entire bedroom scene. Show and tell, French bundling and laughter. Diana letting Matthew tell her about Gillian would have taken away the surprise when Satu springs in on Diana when she is torturing her but absolves Matthew of keeping it a secret because he tried to tell her and she didn’t want to talk about it.
I think Dominico sending Juliet after Diana was a strike at Matthew and Gerbert, because Gerbert dissed Dominico in the council meeting and Matthew sent him back to the council with his tail tucked. By sending Juliet, he pits Matthew against Gerbert. No matter who dies, he wins.
I agree with you, Diana’s abduction was well done.
Overall I also enjoyed the episode and I agree, it didn’t feel as cohesive as the others. Disjointed is a good word for it. Have high hopes for episode 6.

magsguerra says:

My biggest issue with this episode was the ‘I love you’ scene. Not only for the whole ‘tell me’ part but for an audio issue. When Matthew says ‘I love you’, it sounds off to me. IDK if maybe they had to dub that line over for some reason or what but it just sounds strange. Maybe it’s just me…

Cynthia Perez says:

Ok so I agree with you in that this was my least favorite episode so far, although I did still like it. The dual hunting scenes with Matthew and Ysabeau were great, as well as the church scene. I have to say I hate the witch head. That's supposed to be Meridiana right? It's just not something I need to see; they could've just referenced her like in the books. I get why ppl think their relationship is moving too fast, but even book 1 takes place over 2 months, and they only had 8 episodes to get there. I think this is where being a book reader is really beneficial to suspend that disbelief because we know he took her to breakfast, or they did yoga, etc. The daemon and Congregation scenes also fell flat for me, but that ending has me so hyped for the next episode. Admittedly, I was a little pissed Gillian didn't die, but then I kind of liked it because all of us book readers were so sure we knew what was coming, so it was nice to be surprised. Still though, she needs to go eventually lol.

IMOmusings says:

Having just read the first book and not having watched this discussion vid (purely reading comments), it's becoming more and more obvious the producers were being too ambitious trying to squeeze the entire book into 8 episodes. In changing the order a little for dramatisation, they've removed a lot of the understanding the audience would have had if the book's time sequence had been followed to the tee as well as subtle changes in dialogue and character interactions. It's only going to get worse in the latter half of the drama if they continue in this vain since there's so much action and scheming to start with this week's episode.

From a watcher's perspective though (those who haven't read the book) I actually feel like the speed of the relationship isn't all that surprising. Looking from Diana's POV, Matthew has been the only person to see her for her, hidden powers AND brains and he accepts that she's avoiding her magical life (even understanding, to an extent, why) without pushing her to be more. Although he does nudge her to accept herself as she is, he isn't in her face about it like her aunts or Gillian. He sees her as his equal (removing the fact of time and his ingrained notions of being a protector … but that's a whole other story) and for a girl desperate to be recognised (and not as a witch) I would say it plays to her insecurities quite well.

In an odd way, all their interactions have hints of Diana trying to assert her independence to echo her lifelong need of being 'powerful' without power (if you get what I mean).

The "I love you" from Matthew actually had me confused in the book. If you consider that his mere stating of the fact is enough for them to be considered married, then his consistent hesitation in the drama and unbridled need to say it upon his return to Sept Tour makes more sense than his stating it over the phone (although they could have added his "I'll be home soon" call =.="). Since wouldn't that have made their 'marriage' official over the phone? Or did I misread that completely…

EllaChina says:

I also find the Matthew attacking Gillian scene problematic. But second thought, the scene feels more sexual than violent. All the time I keep thinking about the back of Matthew's neck. I mean I just started reading the book and I don't know anything about the scene in the book yet, but it looks like Matthew in the TV series in that part is more into extracting memory form Gillian than killing her. That is why he is taking his time and controlling how much blood he can take without ending his victim's life. Sidenote: I love the part where Diana is touching Matthew's scars and saying she is going to hunt down the people who had scarred him and made them pay. It is very romantic and powerful at the same time.

Janet Gorman says:

lol….am I the only person who wished that, in the scene from the book where they speak w/ Ysabeau (after they have "bonded" upon Matthew's return to sept tour) and Ysabeau slaps Matthew when he says he and Diana will leave sept tour ? I loved that in the book because I wasn't expecting it and it really pushes through the message that Ysabeau is very peeved that Matthew could ever doubt her love and loyalty to him etc….

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