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Welcome to my home library!

More video tours of my bookshelves: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsvFydFybcy1WGZiNzAl1ZZLAMm4EdFX0

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TBR tour: https://youtu.be/cPLbjBsmQR8

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Katherine Johnston says:

Hi. I love this.

thesandrapagethings says:

Definitely the best, non-boring bookshelf tour I’ve ever seen!! 💯

moon book says:

Wayward vol 1

Nikki Hamilton says:

I'm late to this, but Basara by Yumi Tamura has excellent storytelling!

mantisamygdala says:

Don't drink and ….

Mindu Pingu says:

you are so funny i can't hfjkghkfjh

Sophie Counsil says:

I'm new, and this was amazing.

theo says:

you should read American Born Chinese. it's an amazing graphic novel!

Caroline Schaffner says:

I loooove tillie waldens graphic novels

The Bookish Report says:

I've been watching you on Book Break for a few months, then I found this! Which is your true personality? I like them both so I don't care. I also loved at around 3:34 there is a coaster a few centimetres away from your glass 😂

littledevonnook says:

New subscriber here 👋 this was brilliant, so funny and engaging. I haven't been watching much booktube in the last 3 years, this has certainly got me excited to watch more! Amy x

Morgan Lee says:

I love your energy in this video! you should read the bizenghast graphic novel series, I think you'll enjoy it!

misskit123 says:

My favourite thing about this video is hearing RG sniggering behind the camera.

ExploringthWorld says:

Just found you and wow, the charisma!!! No wonder you have so many subscribers!

GilmorePotterGleek says:

This is only the second video I’ve watched of yours. I just subscribed, because of it! This was absolutely hilarious, I just about died when you said “we hate this lady, we don’t talk about her anymore”!! 🙌👏
Funny thing is, I do actually enjoy bookshelf tours, as I’m a very nosy person, but this was such a breath of fresh air!!!

Heather Pressed Between the Pages says:

You and your home library are both delightful —-, that office library is goals ( especially the teapot vase. I love that idea…. I have a an antique teapot from the 1920s that I don’t like using for it’s original purpose, because it’s very big… I think it just became a vase, so thank you.) also, question: your TBR trolly is covering your Harry Potter books from view. I assume this was intentional ?

Raven Heart says:

I recommend Brodys Ghost graphic novel series

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