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It’s a round up of my most recent reads! Thanks Book of the Month for sponsoring today’s video. Get your first book for only $5 by using code JENN5: https://bit.ly/37syBQ4


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➥ People Like Her – Ellery Lloyd: https://bit.ly/2VCH3Xe
➥ Amusing Ourselves To Death – Neil Postman: amzn.to/36xAFqK
➥ The Best We Could Do – Thi Bui: https://amzn.to/39Bvisx
➥ The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides: https://amzn.to/33C2mNh
➥ Chaos – Dan Piepenbring and Tom O’Neill: https://amzn.to/3mQaEII
➥ Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek: https://amzn.to/39Drqai
➥ Playing the Whore – Melissa Gira Grant: https://amzn.to/3lDr8mb
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Jenn Im says:

Anyone excited for December's pick for my book club? Join my bookclub here → https://bit.ly/2Kt7Jo1

Nikkii says:

there is a trilogy written by author Rebecca Schaeffer and the first book is called 'not even bones'. I realllyyyy highly recommend it and its also being turned into a webtoon that im also currently reading. its such a gripping thriller and it hooked me in so quick. the character development and getting to see the main character's change whether good or bad is so interesting and its so addicting and intense. its one of my favourite books along with her other two, the second called 'only ashes remain' and the third called 'when villains rise'. I highly recommend.

Nikkii says:

JENNN I just came back to recommend this assigned book im currently reading called the color purple by Alice Walker. It dives into African American history and is a really powerful and raw book with great character development and I think you'll really enjoy it! the format is very different because its written in the form of letters to god and it really showcases her relationship with god as her only way out of the difficult life she has lived. it is definitely a pretty deep book but its one of the only assigned books that have really opened my eyes and actually got me interested

Peimin Lim says:

I recently read Wild Swans by Jung Chang. It's a based on the real-life events of three generations of women in China, written by the daughter. It was back in when the Chinese Communist Party was founded and follows through to the Cultural Revelation and then the modernisation in China. Such an eye-opening read for me. Very haunting and tragic but gives insight to both sides of Communism. '

Jeanne Yuan says:

Love your channel!

Andjelija Raicevic says:

Hi! Which camera you use?

love for taylor swift! says:

you are absolutely gorgeous

summer mackay says:

The Best We Could Do's plot kind of reminds me of my mom's story, since she was an immigrant. My mom lived rich in Saigon with her mom and nanny. Her mom didn't care for her much, and thought she was a nuisance, so her nanny mainly took care of her. When she was 13, war hit Saigon and she got disconnected from her family. Her house had been bombed and all she had was a close family friend to guide her. They had trouble hiding from guards and trying to get a deal with someone to escort them from Vietnam. Since they were broke now, they had basically no hope. Finally, they got a deal with this group of people who said they were gonna take her to America by boat, but when my mom and her family friend agreed they were turned in to the Vietnamese police and stayed in prison for months. My mom got really sick. Her father was American and Middle Eastern, and moved out of Vietnam after she was born. "Grandmother", the close family friend, contacted some people who knew my mom's father, who then phone called her dad to come pick her up by plane. Grandmother was going to stay in Vietnam, but Jean (Ahn Thuiet, my mom), didn't want to leave Vietnam without her. Jean was one of the first children to leave the country. When they got to the USA, grandmother moved to the Bay Area to live with her friends, why Jean stayed in Portland OR/Vancouver WA (where I live currently). She almost felt tricked, she barely knew her dad or her aunt Paula, or in fact any of her white relatives, and she had to leave her bestfriend behind. She went to the same school I do now, and actually had a passion for academics. Keep in mind that she's 14!! Her aunt despised her for some reason, saying "You basically lost us our reputation" and "Go back home." Unfortunately, her grandmother (no relation to her) died when my mom was 23 because of a throat tumor. Her dad, helped her get back on her feet, and when she was 28 she into business with her dad, they sold phone cards in 1995-2003. Her dad slowly started writing a book about her adventures after he retired and moved to Florida, but since didn't have much success. My mom met my dad when she was 37, he was her professor, they fell in love, got married, and moved to Ridgefield. They had me in 2007. In June 2012 she got diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, stage 4. During her time sick, my mom and her aunt argued over letters about something I don't know. It's always been suspicious to me, and knowing my aunt's a liar (she thinks apple cider vinegar can cure covid), I know she was probably lying about what she said on the letters, and that she didn't "misplace them". I know my dad read one, and her aunt basically told my mom to kill herself! Later on her aunt replied to my dad confronting her saying "Oh she was the one who started it, and besides it was nothing, if anything I was just angry for no reason." They over-drugged my mom daily, 4x the recommended amount, so she barely could move and got angry quickly. Her dad died in 2012 never being able to finish the book, and she died 1 year later in 2013. I barely knew her, but I know she was strong. I got these stories my dad, who for one knew almost everything about her. She's my inspiration, and literally is the reason why I'm still trying hard at life.

Anyways if you made it this far, thank you. I told my mom's story excluding a bit of details and writing about only the things I knew were true, like one of the things I don't believe is that they tried to leave Vietnam alone, but were robbed by pirates. Sure that was a possibility, but it's controversial in my family so I decided to not add it in.

KawaiiKingdom says:

I could literally listen to Jenn talk about books for hours and hours, like I am so CALM and at peace right now 🥲

Talitha Warren says:

Love Jenn's creative videos <3 2021 is going to be better I pray <3 Have a lovely Friday

Talitha Warren says:

Yes watched the Social Dilemma in class and my family member suggested it to me

Talitha Warren says:

I've heard the first one is good, I really want to visit a library soon and borrow some cozy books

Talitha Warren says:

Cute hair! I love books as well and I followed your bookclub really sweet ( @thecurlupclub ) 😀

Annette Kerpel says:

You should read "Breath"! I'm just over halfway through it and my mind is beyond blow by the power of breathing correctly (hint: many of us are doing it wrong and it's a possible cause of many mental disorders and health problems). Seriously! Insane book.

Angel dcl says:

Does anyone have a Goodreads account? Would love to follow people and know what they are reading/recommend! Doing a detox Jan where I’ll be reading more and using social media less!
Add me at: Angeldcl96 and I’ll follow back ❤️

Samantha Enriquez says:

I loved this video it made me excited to start reading again

Maia Roll says:

Love that you mentioned Brave New World! I certainly enjoyed it when I read it five years ago. Love these book recommendation videos!

Maiya Yang says:

Hi Jenn!!! What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen to? Will you do a video on your podcast recommendations in the near future?

Kimberly Jay says:

Time stamps for each book

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