6 Modern Classics: Books your English Teacher Recommends

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Here are 6 books I love. Books that have moved me. Books that have changed me. Books that have informed, educated and entertained me. I hope you enjoy them too.
I recommend all of the classic books for improving your English. I indicate the suggested English level for reading each book. Some are advanced but others you can tackle at intermediate level.

The Life of Pi

Hand to Mouth

The Secret History

A Confederacy of Dunces

Our Man in Havana

Wild Swans


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Bob Jones says:

I forgot three other great books all by DH Lawrence-Lady Chatterley Lover-Rainbow and Women in Love-absolute masterpieces!

izaskun caro says:

Maybe a cliché but i love great expectations, the last book of Dickens…

Robert Moore says:

Ummm, Walker Percy is an accomplished novelist in his own right.

Kasey Wahl says:

A Confederacy of Dunces is my absolute favorite book. Glad to see someone else spreading the word!

Aynge Mackay says:

I've read The Secret History five times and I still love it. Whenever I see a copy, I buy it to give away. Everyone loves it, and we all can't believe they haven't made a movie yet. One that deserves attention is The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. EXCELLENT.

Jane M Geddes says:

Herman Hesese: Narziss and Goldmund. You will never forget this poetic, life changing book. I still have my copy from fifty years ago. It's still as stunning and Beautiful.

Andrea Johns says:

You forgot Catch 22

Phil mr Mr says:

You included too many women. Six men would be more honest.

neal sandidge says:

Love Confederacy of Dunces. Another in a similar vein is Saul Bellows "Henderson the Rain King". Also, in the theme of eccentric main characters, Thomas Berger's "Little Big Man", which was made into a fantastic film.

jack mousse says:

Léon Paul Fargue (1876-1947) : "Le piéton de Paris". A love song to Paris, written in a magnificent French.

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