50 Upcoming Book to Movie Adaptations 2019

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twinkleblossom says:

I'm normally very picky about book-to-movie adaptations, but I liked the one for Everything, Everything. Words on Bathroom Walls will be a movie! I met the author at a book signing and she confirmed that the movie is completed and she's already seen it, but the production people just haven't set a release date yet. Eoin is pronounced Owen. Artemis Fowl is such a great series! 😀 Also, Saoirse is pronounced sure-sha. She's such an incredible actress <3

Aljazad Gulam Jumadil says:

can u give me some books?

Tucker Almengor says:

Where'd you go Bernadette deals with mental illness and a lot of heavy themes. Even so, it's hilarious and light hearted. I highly recommend it

kmc3521 says:

did you do one in 2018?

Ana says:

Why do books have two different titles sometimes?

Bengun67 says:

Wow " Haven't read it , might see it " ….
That statement is slightly disturbing , to say the least .

Ashleigh Bence says:

The Knife Of Never Letting Go was pushed back to 2020

Jami Reign says:

Am I the only person who doesn’t reeeeaaallly like John Green books? Like, very few are okay. But really, compare the number of books with plots to books without any…🤷🏾‍♀️

Glendy Aide says:

I WOULD LOVE A PODCAST. Im from México and adaptations are my fav series of yours

Livia Martin says:

❤️ thanks for the research

Abby Wonder says:

Same here regarding VC Andrews

Sydney Davis says:

I seriously can't wait for a lot of these movies. 😍😍


After 😙💓💓💓

Emily T. says:

I was so meh about little women until you said Emma Watson is going to be in it. Now I have to see it!

Excelsior Books says:

Excited about Nancy Drew and The Rosie Project.

Cinderroob says:

Looking forward to Captain Marvel and Shazam. And I’ve seen Polar on Netflix. That is a messed up movie.

RaveDJ says:

You didn't put After by Anna Todd

Paige's Pages says:

Ugh. When is the Thoundanth Floor TV show going to come out. I don’t even think there is a cast yet. I was crossing my fingers it would be on this list lol

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