50+ Upcoming Book to Movie Adaptations 2017

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list of books and movies mentioned: http://blogsandlala.blogspot.ca/2017/01/2017-book-to-movie-adaptations.html

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SteveD says:

Thanks for this.

Cinderroob says:

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Ugly Love is not being made now because of production costs and Colleen having a problem with the writers.

Tiffany Brablec says:

Am I the only one who has read every book on this list??

_readbetweenlines_ says:

I would love to see a 2018 version of this one!!! 😀

ASHSID says:

Everything everything shes not allergic to everything

Odelette Blue says:

I absolutely hated me before you
Very much both book& movie.

Shea Fan says:

You missed Call Me By Your Name!!

Isabella Herice says:


Jameson Tookrom says:

Ugly fat bitch

Mareks Lucis says:

great place to get 1000s of free eBooks – all time best sellers and old classics including this one: spiritmolecule.info

Stephani Rodriguez says:


Faye M says:

What about shiver And ravem Boys by Maggie stievfater

Kyra Ivens says:

I know I am incredibly late watching this video but I just stumbled upon your channel and am amazed it took me so long. I love the hard work you put into your videos and it really shows. Also the movie for The Dinner came out in 2013? Or did I miss something?

Dark soul 47 says:

gone girl was good, snowman sounds promising

Sie Arnold says:

You did miss one in your 2017 list American Assassin by Vince Flynn came out in Sept. I was a great book and a pretty good movie.

Sie Arnold says:

I was at the movies recently and saw a trailer for a movie that I recognized as a book I had seen before, but by the time I got home I forgot the name of the book/movie. I check a few different sources and yours was the one that saved my sanity, so thanks. btw it was Red Sparrow & I have been planning to read it for a while now but I guess this will push it up the list. Thanks again.

Kathy Trithardt says:

The IT adaptation was so well done. It makes me sad that The Dark Tower was so terrible.

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