5 Self-Help Books to Change Your Life

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Try online therapy here: https://betterhelp.com/amy – – – – If you’re an avid viewer of my channel, I do apologize- many of these books have been already talked about throughout my channel. However, over the years, one of the most commonly asked questions from family, friends, and new viewers- is, “What are some self-help books I can start off with?”

While I think there are so many MORE amazing self-help books to add to this list, I recommend these five first, as these books are easy, digestible, and not overly advanced in concept or theories. 🙂

I would ultimately use them as a jumping board into the self-help realm.

Should I do a “5 Self-Help Podcasts to Change Your Life” next? Let me know!

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Joy Chaudhuri says:

Her mouth is smiling but her eyes are sad, gloomy and melancholic. Poor thing, someone or something has caused her intense pain. All the strength, courage and healing to you, sister. You can try reading, 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay. It was a tremendous help to me, it might help you too. Lots of love and support to you!!

Питер Рай says:

You looks good

Elaina Williams says:

you know i’m trying to improve myself so i’m doing the 75 hard challenge and so i watched this vid to find a book to read for the required daily reading and that’s when it hit me these books are not what i need. i have been given the only true self help book and it is essential to becoming the person i want to be. if i truly want to change i don’t need to read these books i need to read the book of mormon.

Marian Hanson Counsellor and Coach says:

I’m really disappointed as a trained and experienced counsellor that you are recommending Betterhelp. They are not a trusted or reputable service at all. Also, it’s not good to recommend a service on your video because it’s just your experience of using the service.

Graziela says:

Hey Amy can you do a more recent version of this video? Ive been looking for self help books to read now that i got a kindle


Your hair is perfect!! ❤️

Gabriel Gherasim says:

Good evening, I would like to suggest a therapeutic book I wrote which is also available for free in electronic format. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5BhH_m2WtY

This book may be read for free in electronic
format at: http://gabrielgherasim.com/Gratia-Cantantes-GABRIEL-GHERASIM.pdf

Bnya f says:

Do you know where I can find the book of joy???

Phoebe Dowling says:

What's the name of the book she talks about at 5:30? I don't think she actually said the title haha

tian Cole says:

Are u a Pisces ?

Naa ja says:

1. The book of awakening
2. The book of Joy
3. The power of now
4. The daily stoic

tupiy vasya says:

"Fit in one year" changed my life. Highly recommend

Khushboo Panwar says:

1. The book of awakening.
2. Power of Now.
3. The book of joy
4. How to win friends and influence people
5. The daily …..

Jack Durrant says:

Click the link to check out this new book: https://amzn.to/2OP2LV7

change your life…

Jessica Begin says:

I like your compilation! Good choice! The Book of awakening is one of my favorite. I prefer reading self-improving books. And read them shortly on on https://great-books.github.io/
Very convenient. Especially if you are looking for something necessary.

Paulokun7 says:

What is the name of the 4th book you recommend? I'm assuming it's How to Win Friends and Influence People, but could be wrong. If so, I totally agree with you. I listened to this and was so surprised by how useful and good it is! Def will listen again and again on this one. I recommend a book called The Untethered Soul. Much easier read than the Power of Now and LOVE it! Great book!

Typhoon of Ideas says:

Nice books.

LiquidfirePUA says:

I recommend meditation, 5 minutes later if you cant concentrate like myself.

Ehhh, how you meditate if you cant concentrate. #Red Flag 1

Barrett Carroll says:

Love this!

Would love it if you checked out my channel. Self help and spiritual geared videos.

First one in on my channel! Would love to connect.

FramesbyRuhan says:

You guys should also try "A Dumb Book Someone Wrote for Me" by Anefi Ruhan. That book single handed helped me get thru some stuff

JustKhristene says:

Mental Health is one of the most important things for individuals🙂

Mystic Journey Bookstore Los Angeles says:

great video Amy, hope this helps many people

celia lyons says:

❤️❤️❤️ the book of joy is a book I always want near me I freaking love it! I read it in Spanish and I want it in English too haha

Mariel says:

2:30 save ur time

THISday says:

Very informative video. Great job! I would love a review of my podcast (THISday)…public or private. Not a shameless plug, just trying to find my voice and share my new thoughts within this community. Thanks! PS…I am a daily stoic fan too!

sara louise says:

I just recently bought '
The Power of Yes
Self care Revolution
The Anxiety Journal
And many more I never used to read until this past 2 weeks and I found it has helped me calm down so much.

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