5 Mystery Novel Cliches I Hate

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I love the mystery/thriller genre, but there are definitely some tropes that I just wish would go away. Plus–you can help me decide if I should DNF my current read.
The New Yorker article about Dan Mallory and The Woman in the Window: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/02/11/a-suspense-novelists-trail-of-deceptions

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MoonKookie says:

I hate teasing. I find it annoying and, as you've said, it seems cheap.

Reggie Lovato says:

The [character] in the [setting] is also a very cliched title style

Lil Zae says:

Have you read any Mary Higgins Clark books she’s know as the queen of suspense

AnimeEmpress1 says:

Love this analysis. AJ Finn sounds like a nutcase. I read about his back story all over the Web. I also hate the teasing device, its a very cheap trick which reveals a hollow bag, nothing of substance

R. Brooks says:

As a mystery/thriller writer this was interesting. As a reader I primarily go for historical mystery/thrillers. The only thing I hate is when the denouncement makes no sense, and ignores every atom of human nature.

Philip says:

Woman in the window sucked.

الجنوب الجنوب says:

Have you read something to dan brown?

Margaret Adelle says:

A pet peeve of mystery thrillers for me is when the synopsis mentions something to the effect of "will the protagonist become the killer's next victim?"

It would provide tension… if even a fraction of thriller authors actually followed through with the threat. But the worst the protagonist gets is like, a bullet to the arm. Maybe a couple shallow cuts that need stitches. It rings so hollow these days.

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