4 Reasons to Read The Dune Saga (No Spoilers)

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This video is about the novel that is often cited as the best selling science fiction book in history, Dune. Dune a book for fans who have read a lot of the genre and are now looking for a challenge. Dune is not an easy read by any stretch of the imagination but the journey that Frank Herbert takes us on through his series and the lessons which are taught along the way makes the story worthwhile. In this video, I will do my best to list some of the top reasons why The Dune Series is actually worth your time, this video will contain minimal spoilers, I assure you.

Cover art by Mark Molnar: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xVX6m

Hyperion Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRXGGVBzHLUfgKLf-CBr5VCC2xM0qX8Xh
Dune Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRXGGVBzHLUdsgN_vFaZmfjc6bXxPqajV
Foundation Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRXGGVBzHLUeQMsBkZJ72aIIG8nR-No6J

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Champ ion says:

Nice video man. I like how you give credit to the artists for all the artwork!

Albert Lopez says:

You mention that Dune is a book for those familar with the genre and is a difficult read so which books should I read before I tackle a monster like Dune?

Treborus .x says:

I LOVED Dune ,re read it over & over ..then I realised there was more books in the series & followed it until one book had Dune planet "destroyed " ….fell out of te Dune tree at that point…

Ferdinand Zebua says:

0:17 sorry for going off-topic a bit, but on The Expanse series, I googled for it after watching this video and saw that the SyFy channel made a cable TV series of The Expanse which ran for three (3) seasons, and after getting cancelled Amazon Prime picked up the IP and published a 4th season in December 2019. And the reviews seem to indicate the series is not too bad…

Jacob Thompson says:

Says “no spoilers” but then says “we see the empire rise and fall and rise again.” Thanks for spoiling that for me 😑. Literally in the middle of Dune wondering how Paul’s interaction with the Empire will go

monkiespukerabbits says:

I was 11 when I first read June and it was one of the first science fiction novels I ever read. I suspect having no preconceptions helped a lot with me really getting into the world and gets philosophy. It also helped that I had done some heavy reading before bags like bullfinches mythology and other stuff.

Eric Hale says:

I enjoyed your video, but, as enormous as Herbert's influence was, I still think you overstate it some. As an example, your comment that Dune must have been the inspiration for BoosterSpice. To pick one of many possible alternative sources, Wagner had Freia's life extending Golden apples in Das Rhinegold, written almost 100 years earlier. All writers pull from earlier sources, including Frank Herbert

kalle says:

Is the language in Dune hard to understand? I am 16 and from Germany, so I'm not a native speaker but I can understand almost every movie without subtitles. Should I read it in English?

John M says:

1:40 – Right, so right. The writing is so beautiful. A book doesn't need to be THIS beautifully written, but they all need to try, most especially Science Fiction.

CharlesRexBeedy says:

Just started the first book. Read mostly fantasy my whole life and this will be my first experience with a sci-fi epic.

rask004 says:

The first true Space Opera?

Danny Boyo says:

Just finishing up the Horus Heresy. Will finally get around to reading Dune after that.

Ava Rose says:

I’ve just started reading the first book after watching the trailer I have to admit I’ve never really read sci-fi but I’m really enjoying the book

Russell ward says:

My 4 reasons:
#1 They’re great.
#2 They’re great
#3 They’re great
#4 They’re great

curse of janus says:

Love this guy

Poe Lemic says:

Damn, more I watch you and listen to your love of Herbert's accomplishment/s, thus — the more that I am deciding to one day try again to get back into Dune and read the full saga. Tried in High School but it was too much for me. But, the movie helped me to understand more what was happening. Glad to see someone love something so much. My love in high school was Riverworld by Farmer. Now, that's a good read and series too.

J Boogie says:

The game Endless Space has a resource called Dust that is definitely inspired by the spice melange. It can be used as currency, or as a sort of drug that gives users supernatural powers.

Jared Meier says:

Dude, so glad I found your channel, hats off to you bromigo!

fwwaller says:

Forgot to mention that Alien would not exist without Dune. Most of the crew hired on Jodorowsky's adaptation united later on to create Alien.

Franklin Quesada Tames says:

between leviathan wakes and the first dune book, wich one should i read first?

Brian Dolan says:

I like this Quinn…..

José Lages says:

I'm so impressed they didn't call you as consultant.

Tru Keesey says:

Dune was very common on the coffee tables of 1960s hippies. A long low table that is set before a couch.

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