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On this episode of Sci-Fi Science Krista-Lee and Patrick meet with Jake Gill to discuss Liu Cixin’s book The Three Body Problem. Ignore the countdown in your eyes and brush up on your astrophysics because this Sci-Fi Science’s fourth episode. | CAST: Krista-Lee Malone, Patrick TomlinsonJake Gill | Season 1

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GaryChap says:

Three books? Four books? … maybe even Five books? Does anyone know?

I see one 4x "3BP" set that includes "The Wandering Earth"… and another one, that includes "Ball Lightening" instead ! So, are there 5 books in the "set" ?

I'd hate to order a 3x book boxed set, if it means having to buy non-matching book(s) to complete it : / So… what gives?

Wenjie Dong says:

40:52 I believe those words are direct translations.

Rick Chuang says:

3:55s "opens the wrong way, reads also the wrong way" … you mean it opens and reads the traditional Chinese way? lmao

Alex Du says:

you can figure some feeling of native Americans in the second book, you can feel the way they feel a little bit.. these are great books because they demand you to think deeper about humanity and our history ,love from mainland china :)

schmorfsed says:

Krista-Lee and Jake really knew their stuff here. The portly gentleman, not so much

Derek Stallings says:

Tomlinson has a one body problem

Confidence Within says:

13:55 感觉挺了解我们的

ohmar says:

Mao was referred as the sun. That is why sun spot Heizi is a rebel.

Real五哥 says:

Can Westerners understand the psychology that vulnerable groups need the protection of strong people like Luoji? Just as the poor need the Communist Party to protect their rights, the Russians need Putin to protect their country

Ceez B says:

Great book but The narration of The Three Body Problem on Audible is HORRIBLE!

Whatever filter or edits they did SUCKS!

The three body problem is a sci fi book and the narration sounds like a Western Cowboy imitation talking about Aliens/Space.

isthatabear says:

I'm not too familiar with China, but Hong Kong has long had prominent sci-fi writers that produce science fiction in Chinese.

Walter Chen says:

I've read the book three times.wondeful.

Poop Balls says:

Great podcast except for that awkward weirdo pat. Glad you didn't keep him on for too many episodes. I've heard some sick things about him touching children.

NevTheDeranged says:

Is there a link to download just the mp3 of this somewhere so I can listen to it at work?

oskee1334 says:

I realized that most books I read so far were Science "Action" books. Liu's books are Science Fiction books! Great read!

Trader I says:

I am a Big Big Fan of Luo Ji – Logic !!

Random fly says:

<The Three Body Problem> scared me , <The Dark Forest> destroyed my cosmology , <Death's End> was ruined my hopes for human. 😱😱😱

Anton Drozdov says:

the whole talk is about narrative repetition, sadly. it would be nice to watch a deeper discussion about the concepts the trilogy depicts.

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