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Epidemic Sound

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Zaffrin Ali says:

Your energy is infectious.

Reshme Shaik says:

Oh god that area looks so cozy…! I want that …its so lovely, wow that bookshelf is so beautiful where the hell did u get it …!

Benita Ruiz says:

I couldn't Marie Kondo my books, you're strong lol love the new book shelves. New subscriber!!

Cole Prekoski says:

Naya I have to tell u, I LOVE ur content so much! I know life is stressful but plz put more I can’t live without ur videos!!!

Amanda Ferreira says:

OMG, I'm so excited you have the girl with the dragon tattoo series, I highly recommend you read it.

ysenia says:

I’m so excited for you – getting your first place is such a milestone! As far as stickers on books go, I have used a hairdryer on low for 15 seconds or so to loosen the sticker to help it come off! It doesn’t leave any residue and has been my go-to to remove them (if you want to try it!)

Dandelion says:

I love how exited you are when you're talking about your favorite books ❤️ you have so much energy and seem so light hearted and bright 🌞💕🌺 (first video of yours I've watched ☺️)

ConstXV says:

Naya, have you read Chain of Gold?

Colourmerandom says:

Omg the shelves are beautiful! Also where did you get your copy of Dragonhearts because I’ve been trying to buy it for ages and can’t find it anywhere?? 🙂

shahad alsaif says:

Your shelves are so beautifulllllll

MyCatholicFrame says:

The Golden Compass is a series? Wow…I guess I have some catching up to do. Only have the first one (the edition that was published for when the movie came out).

Logan B says:

We have the same tattoo! We must be parabatai haha

Wiktoria Cembala says:

Ohh you have so much positive energy that we all need right now!

Lorien O'Brien says:

Um, there's another book that just came out in the His Dark Materials, which has never been out of print as it's a classic

Mario Congiu says:

You can take the stickers off your books by using a blow dryer. Blow them for like 30 seconds and they will peel right off. Trust me it works

Brittney Thompson says:

I love how excited you were about the books🥺❤️

Abby Kronenberg says:

who else watched the first ten seconds of this video and immediately subscribed and turned on notifications

Purposeful Pursuits says:

Maybe I missed this but I know you are for Hawaii. Did you move back or did you move out but not back to Hawaii? I hope you (& everyone seeing this comment) are doing well during this pandemic 💛

Hannah Kamerman says:

I love the whole aesthetic! That room is so beautiful!!!!😍

Bryan Murillo says:

Those wonderful books 🤩

Cady Belden says:

I'm also in the middle of reading amber spyglass! There is more books in the same universe, the most recent one in the universe came out last year! I know one of the books at least has Lyra inn her teens or early 20's!

Aarushi✨💫 says:

I know I’m very late but I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed this video!! I’ve never watched any of your videos but I love your bookshelves and I’ve just added so many books to my TBR!! (P.S. The golden compass trilogy is one of my favourites of all time and the last book broke me, 😂) I’m a new subscriber. Xx

Gresa V says:

Wait did she say we’re getting three new books for the ACOTAR series?😨

Nina Larissa says:

where are your shelfes from? they gorgeous 🤩

Beatriz Dubois says:

Where did you get those art deco inspired bookshelves?!? They are beautiful!!!

mia squade says:

The Kane chronicles are so underrated

Sarahí Tirado says:

so beautiful ♥ shatter me stand :3

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