2020 bookshelf tour

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Lena likes to read says:

This is a bit strange to comment but I have never heard Boston as a name before and I think it is stunning

Juniper Io says:

What's the name of the second song in the video?
Also thanks for such a great tour!

Thatoneperson says:

If I had 3 wishes, one of them would to have this for sure.

Destiny Mills says:

What’s the titles of the books at 5:00?

Maria love life says:

Enjoyed this video thank you for sharing

yasminthereader says:

I loveeeeeee how you filmed and edited this 😍
Your shelves are beautiful!

yasminthereader says:

I loveeeeeee how you filmed and edited this 😍
Your shelves are beautiful!

SouthParkgirl7 says:

This is the definition of a dream bookshelf. So beautiful

Sarahí Tirado says:

I wish i could have the books by Jay Kristoff you have ♥

kim says:

such a lovely video!!! very relaxing

J Ryan says:

I used to read so much Stephen King and had first editions of them (about 30 of them at the time) and then stupidly sold them all years ago in an effort to downsize. Huge regret!

Lisanlovesbooks says:

This was so aesthetically pleasing ⚡️

Noelle Reitz says:

Hi! Just started watching your videos and I love your style, your videos are so peaceful and calming✨I was wondering where you got your white tapestry in the background on the wall? I love it it’s so pretty!

Tarrell Bellinger says:

Stephen King! Sarah J. Maas!!!! Some of these are favorites of mine and some are on my TBR. Also, your shelves are soooo pretty. I love how you organized them! Keep up the good work! I have an interesting question for you. Do you have a personal favorite Hermione Granger quote from the Harry Potter franchise?

Isabella says:

This was pretty!

Medusa Reads says:


lilacchocolate says:

Love your collection, plus this was super relaxing to watch! 📚👏💕

Cattleya Mago says:

Isn't this the kind of bookshelf tour that we all wanted to see? Relaxing, a little sneak peak of covers, no monotonous reading of book titles, and most importantly, NO AWKWARD PRONUNCIATION OF AUTHORS' NAMES 😂 I love it! 💖
-Fan from the PH 🇵🇭

Ellie sarah says:

Actually really enjoyed watching this, thank you for sharing. 😊.

Eden Is Reading says:

Congrats on 9K!!! 💗 Loved seeing your shelves up close 😍

Jay G says:

I wish I had the patience to film a bookshelf tour 😂

Charlotte Wilson-Smith says:

Love love love this video!!! So different to a normal bookshelf tour! Loved it and love your shelves!!! 🙂

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