13 Books You Might Like

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UPDATE: The books have all been reserved and the lucky owners have been emailed! Thank you all for your lovely emails – I got HUNDREDS!

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Maurizio Monti says:

OMG the thumbnail🤣

Elias Bischoff says:

Youtube: would you like to watch a video with 13 book recommendations?
Me: looking at the 56 books I still have not read and opening my notebook on the 9th page of recommended titles: Yes!

drarsen33 says:

I always prefer books with highlights (notes not so much). Especially if I know something about author of said highlights.
In this way I read "Picture of Dorian Gray" which was my girl friends at the time which allowed me some additional insight into her.
Second that I can remember was my fathers copy of Thus spoke Zarathustra which was all more interesting seeing which parts caught his attention.

Ray Mazer says:

Looking for some new books to read, especially to try and get me back into philosophy. Luckily I already have Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race, but the others sound very interesting.

Nick Doyle says:

You look like the offspring of Shaggy and Velma.

Kacper Biłozor says:

Shaggy, that you?

Deutsch mit Marija says:

Nice one 🙂 Subscribed 🙂

midnight stop says:

Noooo why do I see this video now

Also, the secondhand section of the bookstore is where I go to find my niche esoteric philosophy books, I think that would be fine too next time you have too many books. Or you could just send them all to me ^w^

anonymous says:

Do you buy them all new

Lady Aria says:

Please know I'm not trying to be mean, but you look like a better person of Shaggy from Scooby Doo

klaud hennessy says:

Antifa is a terrorist group and everything they seem to preach is a reflection of what they represent. And for those reasons I’m out. 🤘🏼💀

John Landon Miller says:

The rhetoric of economics

John Landon Miller says:

Paul mason post capitalism

John Landon Miller says:

Jose Medina the epistemology of resisistsnce

John Landon Miller says:

Max Horkheimer the eclipse of reason

John Landon Miller says:

Why I’m no longer talking to whites people about race

John Landon Miller says:

Edward saeed orientialism

Shane says:

Oliver Thorne: International book dealer

Toby Martin says:

"…that I'm probably not going to have to read anymore…"
…OK, I'm going to watch the video now.

Hannah McCormick says:

I just ordered Backlash based on your recommendation. $5 for a used hardcover with free shipping. Can't wait!

Mario Gomez says:

Why didn't I find your channels any earlier 😭

Ghostlight says:

Mate, are you having a laugh? I'd kill for books with notes/highlighting in them. That's like… a bonus.

Hilde Sophie says:

You look like a smart-ass. I am sorry

Cerulean Wake says:

This video was such a good idea! Whenever you read a new book, if you think its worth sharing buy another one duplicate the notes and do a sale or giveaway or whatever you'd like. I'm sure whatever you choose, your fans would appreciate more solid and useful fandom stuff from you.

Robototurtle says:

is this the guy from scooby doo

Devotin says:

There is a series of books by "dover" called dover philosophical classics. I adore the cover on them, plus theyre very cheap. I have no idea if the translation is good and if theyre annotated. Anyone know? Maybe read on of them?

ostrichlives says:

Shoot, I didn't see this until now. Oh well.

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