11 Scary Books That Won't Let You Sleep for Nights

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What are the scariest books ever written? Stephen King, Scott Smith, Shirley Jackson: these are the writers who can scare the hell out of you! You’ll probably agree that the scariest types of books are psychological horrors. The ones where fear is evoked from inexplicable mysteries and paranoia. You can’t sleep with the lights off days after reading such a book! If you’ve never enjoyed the thrill of this sort of reading, Bright Side has got some recommendations for you! And don’t worry, no spoilers ahead!

Misery by Stephen King 1:03
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs 2:00
Pet Sematary by Stephen King 2:50
House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski 3:54
The Ruins by Scott Smith 4:53
The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson 6:00
The Shining by Stephen King 6:50
We’ll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean 7:48
A Brief Lunacy by Cynthia Thayer 8:38
IT by Stephen King 9:35
Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn 10:36

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– When Paul Sheldon, an author of Victorian-era romance novels, gets into a road accident during a snowstorm, he doesn’t have a clue who his seemingly kindhearted rescuer really is and what she’s capable of.
– On a remote island far away from the mainland, there are the charred ruins of a building that was once an orphanage. But when 16-year-old Jacob explores the crumbling construction, he finds out that this wasn’t your typical children’s home, and its inhabitants were anything but usual.
– There’s a special cemetery in the small town of Ludlow where locals bury their pets that’ve passed away. This cemetery hides a terrifying mystery: whatever is buried there soon comes back to life!
– When a young family moves into a house on Ash Tree Lane, they don’t know that this will be the worst decision of their life. After that, the children’s voices start to narrate horrible tales about an ever-growing abyss behind a closet door, about creatures born by the darkness.
– A group of young people is searching for an archeological site in Mexico. A friend of theirs has set up camp somewhere in the jungle. Eventually, they come across the location. Lonely and looming over the trees, an ancient pyramid is standing in the heart of the forest.
– Eleanor, the narrator of the story, seems reliable and relatable enough for the reader to trust her. But this only evokes a false sense of security. And since the woman’s descent into the abyss of claustrophobia and insanity progresses slowly and almost unnoticeably, this story may affect you more than you’d expect!
– Jack Torrance, a writer who suffers from alcoholism, gets a new job as an off-season caretaker of a hotel in wintery Colorado. Everything seems to be going smoothly, at least until all the guests leave and Jack’s family remain the only inhabitants of the hotel.
– A 17-year-old girl named Alice has had it rough in life. But despite her family troubles, she manages to find some normalcy and even love! Now, she’s locked in a psychiatric hospital, driven crazy after her arsonist twin sister killed her boyfriend.
– Carl and Jessie Jensen have been together for 40 happy years. But their cozy peaceful life comes to an abrupt end when they let a stranger into their home.
– Seven kids live an ordinary life in Derry, Maine. That is, until the tranquility of their existence is interrupted one day. After that, nothing is ever going to be the same again for this group of friends!
– After a short stay in a mental hospital, reporter Camille Preaker is sent on a troubling trip. She has to go back to her hometown to write about a local tragedy that’s recently happened.

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Hi there! What's your favorite horror movie or book?

Btw, look at these horror movie actors 😬

MW M says:

The Exorcist by far the scariest.

Zainab Ashfaq says:

My was chemistry and math

sewraj maikel says:

the horrorest book i have ever seen is my homework

정은호 says:

Oo scary!!!!!!

Mona Narumi says:

Hey,guys does math books scars you?if it scares then like me!

Mark Jeric Olasiman says:

The Ruins you're refering too here is about the movie adaptation. In the novel, it is not said to be a pyramid or any structure at all. Just a hill covered in vines with a well on top which makes it scarier than the movie.

Nehemiah Sombrero says:

I'm 9 I'm scared of the book called 999 ways to lose items in minecraft

Bradley Spinks says:

Go pick up The Troop

Louis Wolfe says:

I am studying HORROR so I can write horror stories as a 13 year old.

Louis Wolfe says:

I am a 13 year old who is ✍ a book right now.
There is a family of 7. They want to find a new house. They find a house, but there is a mystery. The parents disappear. Demands replace the parents. They know more that normal. But, you have to read the book to find out more.


almost none are scary to me

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