100 Book Recommendations 💌 your very specific book requests

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welcome to the library, looking for a specific book? come on in, we’ll find you exactly what you’re looking for! thank you all for sending in your particular book needs, let me know if any of these recommendations met your criteria – and if not, maybe the other 99 will do!

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E Weiss says:

Am I the only one who LOVES recommending books to other people lol?
The problem is that nobody ever asks for my recommendations 🙁

Fandom Unites says:

Notes to myself:

Beach Read
Eating Animals
Daughter of the Forest
The Summer I turned Pretty
Brave New World
The Aeronaut's Windlass
The Way We Bared Our Souls
Rilke's Book of Ours
Can't Escape Love
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Truly Devious
The House of Cerulean Sea
The Dark Hills Divide
The Gods of Small Things
Deadly Education
The Great Gatsby
Fortuna Sworn
Mrs. Dolloway
A Canticle for Leibowitz
The Westing Game
House of Salt and Sorrows
If I Had Your Face
Convenience Store Woman
The Blood Spell
A Touch of Darkness
Mysteries of Adolfo
Cloud Atlas
First Love by Turganyev
Letters to a Young Poet
House of Leaves
The Girl who drank the Moon
The Fifth Season
The House of Spirits
The Silence of the Girls

Raz says:

"I don't want a book with wars, kingdoms or Faeries"
selects the book about Faeries and wars where there's also a kind of Faerie kingdom

Molly Kemisha says:

Hey can you please do a ‘ when you finally understand the meaning of the title ‘ book recommendations with books like it ends with us , turtle all the way down etc . pleeeeaaase

Even Herfindal - Composer says:

FINALLYYY!!! MY FAVORTIE BOOK!!! i haven’t seen this recommended much before (apart from inside dark academia circles, and even not much then) but i really loved If We Were Villains. More than i did the secret history, tbh – and my love for theater is almost as big as my love for greek mythology and academia so …interpret that how you want?
I am so happy to see someone recommend IWWV as a TSH-alike because I feel it is underhyped! 28:25

Blair Descent says:

My books :{

Emily Shepheard says:

Can I have a crime and mystery book with an interesting cover that is good to read in a cosy corner in winter?

Brooke Kennedy says:

now after ive watched the video i wish i had a list :'(

Laura says:

When you recommended the westing game, I cried. I read it in 6th grade and it made me fall in love with books.

julia bessa says:

I Know this video is a little old and I don't know if you'll ever do one like this again but I'd love a book that would make me feel like hades and persephone's child. Also one that would make me feel freezing cold, and one that is the grimiest and scariest science fiction you have! I love this video and I love your vibes so much, you recommendations are amazing and the vibes of your videos are my favorite!

Sushi Midget says:

How are you so cool? :0

SarahNara7 says:

The Dark Hills Divide is one of my favourite books of all time and I've never seen anyone talk about it!

Macey Carey says:

I want you to recommend me a book that has the most descriptive and different kinds of aliens, monsters, and characters.

toasterbath says:

Tysm for this!

m. k. says:

Inspiring presentation.I really love the depth and range of your literary knowledge and interests.Thank you.

Yamna Maqsudi says:

Daughter of the forest x six crimson cranes

NaCole Jeffris says:

Omg I heard summer in New York vibes and instantly thought of City of Girls too! One of my favorites! Emmie is right- do yourself a favor! 😁

saianaz says:

just a “reminder” for me:

Otakubean says:

I would loveee if someone could recommend me a Book where I can laugh out loud reading it. Something that makes my stomach hurt

Emmeline Annie says:

hmmm have only read 11/100 of these time to get cracking sorry bank account xx

Utopia. says:

you recommending brazilian literature, I’m not crying

it feels real good to have my culture represented I’m emotional
(Also, I recommend Machado de Assis novels, he’s our literature patronum and also a black author during our slavery period)

(the way she says bras cubas is really cute, and almost accurate, approved)

ooo I just gave my brilliant friend to my mom on her birthday, I hope she likes it

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