036 Dark Elf Review Part V

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Dark Elf army book review. My new army. Part 5 of 5.


TheUndert0ker says:

Hey nice videos, I'm not ready to go totally overboard and buy a full dark elf army, as I mainly enjoy painting the miniatures and have never played warhammer. I bought some cold one knights this weekend and they are amazingly detailed miniatures and it will be a pleasure to paint them. I'm wondering with DE can you get…foreign creatures in your army? For example trolls and ogres, can a dark elf force employ them?

Foolinjected says:

I didn't like the Dragon. I went with the High Elf Dragon and used some dark elf parts. It is all about personal taste.

30Galleons says:

Malekith's dragon looks awesome! The pose is a little shit, but the tail and head make up for it.

Foolinjected says:

That is a good setup. Thanks for the info on the High Elf dragon. I had no idea it came with all the different rider setups.

richis109 says:

My favourite dreadlord build is Crimson Death (ST6 every round 25pts), Blood Armor (5up goes up if you take a wound 15pts) Pendant of Khaeleth virtualy unkillable and very strong.

Dont buy Maliketh his dragon is so ugly! Get the highelf one and use the high elf model and just take the wpeons that look more evil from the kit, there are three different riders to choose from and each one with its own set of legs and torso you can make one look great.

Foolinjected says:

It does sound cool. I was only able to use it two turns out of six. I will get better using it the more my Dark Elves get used.

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